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Published on 27 May 2022


If you have concerns regarding the welfare of any Child or Vulnerable Adult click here to view our Safeguarding policy and contacts, or in an emergency, phone 999

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This Week’s Services and Readings

For details of the Phone-in Services see the page here.   To download Phone-in service sheet click the link in Blue

For Services in Church and individual prayer see the page here.

Sunday School open

We will continue our usual weekly e’mail news sheet to help everyone keep in touch with activities at St. Matthews. This weeks news sheet is here. You can also keep in touch with our Facebook page.

The regular three campaigns are still available; The first is the regular Lockdown down campaign to ensure that the churches running costs are met during this difficult time, The Second is for St. Matthew’s Sponsored Child, Many of us donated on a regular basis to the sponsored Child when we were in Church, so this is an opportunity to continue those regular donations.  The Third is the regular Malawi Hospital Charity that we have donated to on the first Sunday in the month for many years.  We hope to encourage once a month donations.  For details of how to give see our giving page here.

In response to the latest CofE Covid guidance, we are now re-introducing the use of the common cup (shared chalice) at Mass.  The risk of infection by this means is low, but those who are particularly at risk or who are anxious should continue to receive in one kind (i.e. the bread only). Receiving the wine is not compulsory. Those who choose not to do so will still be receiving Christ in the sacrament, and no-one will be judged on what they do, or don’t, do. Feel free to do what you feel is right for you.  Please note, however, that ‘dipping’ your communion wafer in the wine (intinction) is the least hygienic practice of all and is forbidden under the current regulations. It is also recommended that wherever possible you avoid touching the chalice when receiving.

For the time being, the peace will remain ‘contactless’ and will be exchanged with a bow or a wave.

If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Fr Trevor.

Sunday school children, please go to the Sunday School corner, and we will go out to the family room once the service starts and come back at the Peace.

Tea, Coffee, and biscuits will be served in the Lounge and Family Room after the Service. Please come and join us.

Sunday 29th May to Sunday 5th June

Changes to Covid-19 precautions  

Sunday 29th May

10 am

Parish Mass and Sunday School Pew Sheet

Tuesday 31st May


Church open for Individual Prayer

Tuesday 31st May

8 pm

Phone in Service

Wednesday 1st June

10am-11 am

Church open for Individual Prayer

Thursday 2nd June


Church open for Individual Prayer

Friday 3rd June


Church open for Individual Prayer

Friday 3rd June

12 Noon

Said Mass

Sunday 5th June

10 am

Parish Mass and Sunday School

Saturday 28th May

From 10 am

Hedge Cutting and General Garden Tidying

Saturday 4th June

2 pm to
 5 pm

Queen’s Jubilee Fun Day and Tea

Saturday 18th June

From 10 am

Book sale in the Hall

Future Dates