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Published on 29 July 2022


If you have concerns regarding the welfare of any Child or Vulnerable Adult click here to view our Safeguarding policy and contacts, or in an emergency, phone 999

Advice as at 24th May 2022 - subject to change

Changes to Covid-19 precautions .  

In response to the latest CofE Covid guidance, we have now introduced the use of the common cup (shared chalice) at Mass.  The risk of infection by this means is low, but those who are particularly at risk or who are anxious should continue to receive in one kind (i.e. the bread only). Receiving the wine is not compulsory. Those who choose not to do so will still be receiving Christ in the sacrament, and no-one will be judged on what they do, or don’t, do. Feel free to do what you feel is right for you.  Please note, however, that ‘dipping’ your communion wafer in the wine (intinction) is the least hygienic practice of all and is forbidden under the current regulations. It is also recommended that wherever possible you avoid touching the chalice when receiving.

For the time being, the peace will remain ‘contactless’ and will be exchanged with a bow or a wave.

If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Fr Trevor.  


Individual Prayer, for those who need to maintain shielding, or don’t feel comfortable yet attending a service in Church, the Church will be open for Private prayer Tuesday to Friday.

Prayer Network If you’d like someone to chat and pray with you on the phone (just a little chat and some short prayers for ourselves and our world) please phone any of the numbers on our Contacts list, or if you’d like to be remembered in the daily prayers in church please phone, Margaret Cox   0121 373 2208.

Isolated and without help? If you don’t know where to turn please call any of the numbers in the Contacts  and if St Matthew’s can help, we will.

Church Hall

The Church Centre opening is gradually returning to normal with Slimmers, Zumba, Yoga and Childrens dancing classes returning

We will continue our usual weekly e’mail news sheet to help every one keep in touch with activities at St. Matthews.  You can also keep in touch with our Facebook page.

Coronavirus Information

If you want to read the full Church of England guidance for services, it’s here

Guidance for coming to church for individual prayer

The church doors will remain open at set times so that people can come in for individual quiet prayer.  

 There is plenty of space in church so that we don’t need to restrict the numbers coming in at any time.  

  Remember the garden is a lovely space to use, as well as the inside of the church.