St. Matthews C of E

Published on 25 January 2021

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Under the current Lock Down regulations we will continue to hold services on Friday and Sunday as before.

Individual Prayer, for those who need

to maintain shielding, or don’t feel comfortable yet attending a service in Church, the Church will be open for Private prayer Tuesday to Friday.

Prayer Network If you’d like someone to chat and pray with you on the phone (just a little chat and some short prayers for ourselves and our world) please phone any of the numbers on our Contacts list, or if you’d like to be remembered in the daily prayers in church please phone, Margaret Cox   0121 373 2208.

Isolated and without help? If you don’t know where to turn please call any of the numbers in the Contacts  and if St Matthew’s can help, we will.

Church Hall

The Church Centre opening is very resticted during Lockdown

We will continue our usual weekly e’mail news sheet to help every one keep in touch with activities at St. Matthews.  You can also keep in touch with our Facebook page. We will also be preparing a Sunday School Activity pack.

Coronavirus Information

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 To see some more of the lovely work sent in by our Sunday School Children and parents working from home see our Gallery here

Birmingham City Council Coronavirus advice

Perry Barr Neighbourhood Network Bulletin 02.06.2020.pdf

Sunday School

If you want to read the full Church of England guidance for services, it’s here

Guidance for coming to church service
Public worship in the form of simple, said Eucharist, is able to resume now, subject to observing strict health guidelines, as follows:
Please consider if this is OK for you
  – those with any health issues should still be staying away from others
Some very committed members will feel the time is not right for them
Please come to ONE of the Masses – so we don’t all come at once

Social Distancing Guidelines

2m social distancing to be maintained at all times

Masks Must be worn at all times, except when receiving communion

Use hand gel on arrival and departure, and before Communion

Sit only on marked pews (couples/households can sit together)

If children come they must sit with carers for the whole service

No singing, no raised voices – silence in church is best

No collection plate to be passed round  (offertory bucket at the back) or a link to the On-line Giving App will be provided

Approach one by one for Communion, standing (not using rails)

Communion will be in one kind (wafer) only

Chat after service outside (still keeping 2m apart)

Very Limited Toilet facilities will be available

Worship with joy in our hearts and pray for those who can’t come

Guidance for coming to church for individual prayer

The church doors will remain open at set times so that people can come in for individual quiet prayer.  

There is plenty of space in church so that we don’t need to restrict the numbers coming in at any time.  

The 2m rule must be strictly observed – which will best be achieved by people sitting in different parts of the church, nowhere near each other.  Any chatting must take place outside and well away from the door – and still socially distanced, of course.  

Remember the garden is a lovely space to use, as well as the inside of the church.

We will provide single-use prayer sheets for those who would like them, and it will be possible to light a candle.  

Remember to bring your Bible or prayer book or rosary, if it would help to use these.  (Church hymn & prayer books will not be available, sorry!)