St. Matthews C of E

Published on 28 July 2020

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26th July to the 2nd August

Sunday 26th

10:30 am

Phone-in Service Feast of Ss Joachim and Anne, Grandparents of our Lord

Sunday 26th

4 pm

Said Eucharist in Church


9:30 am

Said Eucharist in Church


9:30 - 11:00

Church open for Individual Prayer


8:00 pm

Phone-in Service;   Mary, Martha & Lazarus of Bethany  (Eve)


9:30 to 10:30

Church open for Individual Prayer


10:30 am

Said Eucharist in Church


8 pm

Phone-in Service; Mary, Martha & Lazarus of Bethany


Church not open today, No services


9:30 to 11:00

Church open for Individual Prayer


12 Noon

Said Eucharist in Church


8 pm

Phone-in Service; St Ignatius of Loyola

Sunday 2nd August

10:30 am

Phone-in Service

Sunday 2nd August

4 pm

Said Eucharist in Church

Phone-in Services

Joining a phone-in Service is really simple, just follow the steps below. It would be helpful if you could join up to 10 minutes before the service starts, if you can. (Although if you're late, don't let that stop you. When the service starts we will mute the "chime" on the system that announces new participants, so you won't disturb the proceedings by arriving late.)

When the service begins, Matt (from the moderator's control screen) will mute everyone's phone except those who are going to read. (Although if anyone wants to un-mute, they can do so by pressing "*6" (that's star and number six).

If you are joining using a speaker phone please keep the volume down to avoid echoing.

Please feel free to pass on the number and the code to any others who might like to join in - no matter where they are. We are even expecting some international callers!

We will publishing an order of service on the web site, so that you will be able to follow the readings and service as it happens.  Simply click the link in the table above for the appropriate service details

You can enjoy a Phone-in Service on any phone (Mobile or Landline).

Simply call 0333 011 0616

(03 numbers are usually free on most phone packages).

When it asks you for a code enter

1499 488#

Then say you name followed by # to announce to the other participants who you are.

It’s that simple.

Dear all,

Apologies for the difficulties you may have had getting through to evening prayer on Monday evening. We have reported the problem and it's being looked into and hopefully will be a one off! Please continue to use the regular phone number and access code (see below), but if there are problems again, you are welcome to use the alternative number listed (the access code is still the same).

Usual phone number: 0333 011 0616

Alternative number: 0333 0110940

The access code is the same for each of these: 149 9488 followed by #

Do keep joining us by phone and if you have any difficulty, do let Fr. Adam know and we can help you get connected.

Guidance for coming to a church service
please wear a face covering
New guidance from the government and C. of E. strongly advises the use of face coverings.  This need not be a mask – it could be a scarf or bandana.  There are certain recognized exceptions, e.g. children under 11, and people with disabilities which would make it impossible for them.  Remember masks should be handled with care.  And the most important precautions are still FREQUENT HAND WASHING AND SOCIAL DISTANCING (2 YARDS APART).
Please consider if this is OK for you
  – those with any health issues should still be staying away from others
Some very committed members will feel the time is not right for them
Please come to ONE of the five Masses – so we don’t all come at once

Social Distancing Guidelines

2m social distancing to be maintained at all times

Masks not obligatory – up to you

Use hand gel on arrival & departure, & before Communion

Sit only on marked benches (couples/households can sit together)

If children come they must sit with carers for the whole service

No singing, no raised voices – silence in church is best

No collection plate to be passed round  (offertory bucket at the back) or a link to the On-line Giving App will be provided

Approach one by one for Communion, standing (not using rails)

Communion will be in one kind (wafer) only

Chat after service outside (still keeping 2m apart)

Very Limited Toilet facilities will be available

Worship with joy in our hearts and pray for those who can’t come

Guidance for coming to church for individual prayer

The church doors will remain open at set times so that people can come in for individual quiet prayer.  

There is plenty of space in church so that we don’t need to restrict the numbers coming in at any time.  

The 2m rule must be strictly observed – which will best be achieved by people sitting in different parts of the church, nowhere near each other.  Any chatting must take place outside and well away from the door – and still socially distanced, of course.  

Remember the garden is a lovely space to use, as well as the inside of the church.

We will provide single-use prayer sheets for those who would like them, and it will be possible to light a candle.  

Remember to bring your Bible or prayer book or rosary, if it would help to use these.  (Church hymn & prayer books will not be available, sorry!)  

You can also join on a PC or Laptop, with a microphone and Google Chrome.  

To test your pc connection click this link

To Join click this link

And Enter your Name


We are trying this pattern of services at the moment to see how they go.  We may feel the need to change them at short notice, so check the latest newsletter, or the web site regularly


Sunday 26 July
(St Anne)
Matthew 13. 10-17, 44-52

Monday 27 July
(Bishop Westcott)
Matthew 13.31-35

Tuesday 28 July
Luke 10. 38-42

Wednesday 29 July
(Mary, Martha & Lazarus)
John 12. 1-8

Thursday 30 July
(Wilberforce, Equiano, &c)
Galatians 3.26 – 4.7

Friday 31 July
(St Ignatius Loyola)
Jeremiah 18. 1-6

Saturday 1 August
Matthew 13. 54-end


God our Father

Whose Son enjoyed
the love of his friends

Mary, Martha and Lazarus

In learning, argument
and hospitality

May we so rejoice
in your love

That the world may
come to know

The depths of your wisdom

The wonder of your compassion

And your power to bring life out of death

Through the merits
of Jesus Christ
our friend and brother