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Published on 08 December 2017

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St John’s Perry Barr


St Matthew’s Perry Beeches

Lent Programme 2017

So Many Good things!

This “menu” is offered not so that you will do everything in it, or feel guilty about the things you can’t do.  This would be detrimental to your spiritual health!  But please do find something, or one or two things, here that might be new or different for you.  We wish you a blessed and uplifting Lent!

Stations of the Cross

The traditional devotion to prepare us for Passiontide & Easter.  It’s never the same twice.

Every Friday 12.15pm at St John’s

(before Mass at 1pm)

Two Quiet Mornings

Two mini “schools of prayer” for beginners and old hands alike (the real “old hands” know they are just beginners!)  One as Lent begins, and the other a preparation for Passiontide.

Come to either or both of these:

Saturdays at St Matthew’s 11 March   (led by Fr Barrie) & 1 April   (led by Fr Adam)

Format for each morning:

9.15am   optional Morning Liturgy

10am   Two sessions of guided prayer

             with a coffee break in between

Concluding at 12 noon with lunch of soup & bread

This year’s Lent Course: Judaism & Islam

Daytime visits and evening discussions.  The evening sessions will start with feedback from the visits, for those not able to come during the day.

Wed. 8 March Synagogue Visit   Meet 11am outside St Matthew’s / St John’s

Wed. 15th  Discussion at St John’s   7.30pm

Wed. 22nd  Mosque Visit   Meet 11am

Wed. 29th  Discussion at St John’s   7.30pm

Wed. April 5th Final session at St John’s   7.30pm

Recommended book to accompany the course:

“Why Can’t They Get Along?” by Chryssides, El-Alami, & Cohn-Sherbok
(a Christian, a Muslim & a Jew)


This year’s Confirmation will be at St Matthew’s on Ascension Day, Thursday 25 May at 7.30pm.  Preparation begins in Lent.  Contact the Vicar if you’d like to be included – open to all adults and children who need to be baptized or confirmed, or would just welcome a refresher course.

An extra slice … … ?

Consider attending a different, additional service, on Sunday evening or during the week.  It always does us good to experience worship in a different way.

Daily Mass

Simple said Eucharist - daily, Tuesday to Friday

Tuesdays 7.15pm at St Matthew’s

Wednesdays 10am at St John’s

Thursdays 10am at St Matthew’s

Fridays 1pm at St John’s

Sunday Evensong

Simple 45-minute service Every Sunday 5pm at St Matthew’s

Except Sunday 26 March – Sung Benediction, 6pm at St John’s

Other Sunday and Weekday Services   See our websites: