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Published on 15 March 2019


Lent 2019

Dear Friends

Last week I introduced the Lent “companions,” Gus, Tom and Sid.  “Gus” (give up something) believes in what he calls a “traditional” Lent.  “Tom” (take on more) calls that old fashioned.  And Sid (simple, imaginative, different) seeks a Lent which might give him a different perspective on his life and the world.  Which of these suits you best?  Once you’ve worked that out, consider whether you shouldn’t therefore befriend one of the others …

But, you might say, it’s a bit late for that.  Lent has already begun.  Something which seems to have struck a chord is the idea that it might be best to take Lent one week at a time.  Take Sundays off (it’s 46 days from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday, so Sundays are  not counted in the 40 days of Lent).  And then consider each week what you want to do for the coming week.  This can be a liberating approach.  After all, it’s very UNchristian to believe that you earn Easter joy by means of a punishing Lent.  It can actually be bad for you to arrive at Easter feeling pleased with yourself for keeping some sort of perfect Lent.  By modifying what you do from week to week, you are practising a learning discipleship, in which faith is not about staying the same, but moving on, a pilgrimage.

Some Lent ideas which seem to have struck a chord include:  veggie week, de-cluttering (get rid of one item of clutter from your house every day), screen-fast (limit phone/ TV/ computer time) … …  Please feed other ideas to me so we can share them via this letter.

Happy Lent from your servant in Christ,   Adam