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Published on 09 February 2019


Christmas 2017

Christmas Service Collections For The Homeless – The collections at the Xmas services raised £629.25.

Photos of the Christmas Eve Crib Service are here.

Photos of our carol Service are here

The Church of England’s Web site for Christmas is available here


3rd December 2017

The Christmas fair raised over £2,600, on the day, with more still to come in.  Thanks to all those who worked so hard to make it a success, and to those who came along with money to spend.


1st December 2017

The Church of England has launched an updated web service giving details of services across the Country at www.achurchnearyou.com


27th October 2017

Pictures of a number of events during October have been added to the photo Albums here


22nd September 2017

A few pictures of last nights wonderful Patronal services are here


6th September 2017

Work has progressed well with the Church Hall heating, with the new pipes and radiators installed, sadly we’ve found that we need a new pump which will about £1,000 to the cost, with more still to spend to make good the decorations.  If you are able to donate to support this see Ann Harrison, or we have just created a new on-line giving system courtesy of BT, which can be found here.


1st September 2017

More good news!  Our Cafe Library opened today, for picture of the first session click here


23rd August 2017All pages.pdf

Our congregation  has already started to deliver 5,000 Autumn Cards across the parish, to show what’s on at St Matthews in the coming months.  If you are outside the parish or don’t get one delivered Click on the card to get your own.


18th August 2017

Great news!  The Appeal has reached £3,000, the work will be starting next week, but further donations/fund raising is still required.


21st July 2017

Great news!  The Appeal has already raised £2,000, so the work can start in the summer break, but we still need more donations, see this weeks letter from Fr. Adam.


9th July 2017

Fr. Adam has launched an appeal to raise money to repair the heating in the Church Hall, which after 75 years has started to leak,  the total required is several thousand pounds, and it is hoped to partialy fund this with grants.  A copy of the Appeal letter is here.


3rd July 2017

We have put a full set of photos(126 Photos) from Saturday nights party onto Google Photos here together with some videos of the party as well.

I also have put the photos onto a photo sharing site here.  If you select a photo on this site so that it shows on the right hand side of the screen then click the little down arrow below the photo it will download a full resolution copy of the photo to your computer.


2nd July 2017

To celebrate his Silver Wedding and various family birthdays Fr. Adam’s familiy threw a wonderful prty last night.  A few of the photos are here


25th June 2017

St. Matthew’s pilgrimage to St. Albans on the the 24th June, for picture of the procession and the cathedral click here.


25th May 2017

Joint Ascension day/Confirmation service with St. Johns, lead by Bishop of Aston, Bishop Anne. For photos click here.  For even more photos click here


14th May 2017

Lovely to see the church crowded for the Brownies Diamond Jubilee, For photos click here


7th May 2017

Taking advantage of the lovely

spring sunshine, some of our

congregation took to their

 bikes this morning


28th April 2017

Lent Offering - East Africa Famine Appeal - £325.00 Thank you!

The Children’s Society Boxes – Total collected £793.00. Thank you again!


17th March 2017

We are delivering Easter Cards to as much of the parish as we can manage, even doing just your road will help, See Fr. Adam’s weekly letter for more details, or see Janet for a list of Streets.


20th January 2017

To all members and ex members of the 44th Birmingham Brownies, please make a note that the weekend of 12th May we will be celebrating our 60th birthday. We will be having a service in church on Sunday 14th May, but other details are not available at this present time. Please pass this on to any members of our pack and please look out for further information.


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