St. Matthews C of E

Published on 27 November 2021

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Our prayer list is organised by Margaret Cox, who can be contacted on 0121 373 2208, or requests to place people on the prayer list can be left in Church.


The prayer list covers each day between Monday to Saturday.  The actual day prayers are said is moved along one each week.  Details are in the newsletter.

Day 1

Dorothey Lawrence, Dai & Lal Gravell, Doreen Coles,

Day 2

Beryl Murray, Barbara Linley, Andrew & Gail Walker, Tony Kyte

Day 3

Martin & Marilyn Wall, David & Anne Gadd, Charlie Rooke

Day 4

John & Julie Hope Sandra Brunt, Laura Harrison

Day 5

Peter Conabeer, Vera Lines, Janye Middleton, Paul Phipps

Day 6

Joan Farr, Ruby Matthews, Shirley Woodley

Recently Departed

Ann Poole